Bigg Boss Tamil 16-08-17 Episode 53 Day 52 Wednesday

Its been seven weeks for the Bigg Boss tamil house. Recently there has been many incident happened which increased the TRP of the Show. Bigg Boss Tamil became the most watched TV show as of now. Oviya exit Bigg Boss, Julie evicted last week, the two most popular member of the show now away from the house. Now this week Actor Shakti thrown out of the house due to less vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil 16-08-17

Dancer-Actor Gayathri Raghuram was in danger zone however she escaped after winning the task on Friday. There were lots of anguish over Bigg Boss tamil over Bigg Boss, but she managed to survive in the house. Gayathri is hated by most on social media. Shakti’s elimination definitely came as a surprise as audiences expected Snehan to be kicked out as he requested his fans to not vote for him. He had said that he doesn’t want to stay in the house as he had reached a saturation point. He feared he will turn into someone else if he stays longer.

We will see what will happen in today’s episode of Bigg Boss tamil 16-08-17.

Bigg Boss tamil 16-08-2017 Promo

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